Our Foundation

Our Mission: Prepare-Package-Position Your Student

Our Mission is to Prepare, Package, and Position Your Student for College Success:

Prepare the student with the Strategies, Skills, Techniques & Tools for College Academics and College Testing.

Package the student to make it easier gain Admissions and attract Money for College.

Position the student with College Selection, Applications, Funding, and Enrollment to secure the Best College Value.

Our Goals: Options-Choices-Opportunities

Our Goal is to Provide Your Student the Greatest Range of Options, Choices, and Opportunities:

Options for Your Student on the array of Competitive, Conventional, Community, and Creative College Strategies.

Choices for Your Student on Colleges, Programs, Majors, and Money.

Opportunities in Admissions and Funding for your student that most people do not even know exist!

Our Objective: Ready-Qualified-Eligible

Our Objective is to get Your Student Ready, Qualified, and Eligible to Pursue their College Ambitions:

Ready to meet the Academic, Economic, Intellectual, and Organizational Challenges in College.

Qualified to meet the Admission Standards and Scholarship Criterion of Prospective Colleges.

Eligible to take Advantage of the Programs and Resources for College Admissions and College Funding.

Our Purpose: Navigate Selection-Admissions-Funding-Enrichment

Our Purpose is to Help you Navigate the College Selection, Admissions, Funding, Enrollment (SAFE) Process:

Selection – Searching and Finding the Right Range of College Choices for Your Student.

Admissions – Plowing through the Maze of Applications and Crafting the Essential Essays.

Funding – Scaling the Mountain of Forms (FAFSA, CSS, etc.) where One Misstep can Cost You Thousands of Dollars!

Enrichment – Strategies to better Prepare and Thrive in the College Environment.

Our Promise: Personal-Individualized-Customized-Tailored

Our Promise is to provide Your Student Personal College Advice, Individualized Coaching, a Customized Program, Tailored to them:

Personal – Our College Advice and Planning is Specific for Your Student and Your Family Situation.

Individualized – Our Coaches Engage with You and Your Student Individually.

Customized – Our Program and Resources are Crafted and Configured to meet the Needs and Ambitions of Your Student.

Tailored – The Program and Planning are Tailored to the Schedule and Requirements of Your Student.

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Make Your Success a Priority.

Last year alone we had over $20 Million in scholarships and grants for our students

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Welcome to Beasley College Prep

For over 20 years, Beasley College Prep have been a leader in Ideas, Innovation, and Implementation of College Readiness Strategies and has established a Record and Reputation second to none with :

  • Over $70 million in scholarships, over 120 Full Scholarships, over 200 scholarships since 2011
  • Admissions to top institutions (Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Berkeley, Duke, MIT, etc.)
  • Admissions to Service Academies (West Point, Annapolis, Air Force, etc.) & ROTC Scholarships
  • Athletic Scholarships to NCAA Division I Institutions
  • Preparation for Medical School, Law School, & Graduate School
  • Leads the nation preparing students for the Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP)
  • Providing Curriculum & College Readiness Programs to Public and Private Schools
  • Providing the top College Preparation Program for homeschoolers
  • Operating our own College Preparatory Academy since 1996

Beasley College Prep is international and available to anyone with an internet connection.



M.O.N.E.Y. for College: Merit, Opportunity, Need-Based, Entitlement, and Your Own Money. We have strategies to help you secure Money from the first four sources so you Minimize the need to spend Your Own Money.

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Graduate School Opportunities

We provide a full range of GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT prep, plus assistance in Selection, Admissions, and Funding graduate school. These opportunities are available online with personal coaching.

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BEAT the TEST Video Series

Our program has a 20 year record of success, our proven Test-Taking-Techniques have been used by public and private schools in nine states.

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College Selection & Admission

We help students through College Selection, Admissions (including Applications and Essays), Funding (filing Appropriate and Accurate forms), and Enrollment (Final Coordination and Coaching to Launch into College).

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College Preparatory Academy

We have two College Prep Schools in the Houston area, plus an online College Prep Academy, and the National Homeschool Academy – an elite College Prep Academy for Homeschoolers.

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College Advice & Planning

We provide Consultations, Counseling, Individual Coaching, and a College Readiness Plan Tailored to the Individual Student’s Needs and Ambitions.

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Learning Strategies

In our Learning Dynamics Program, we Train students to READ-STUDY-TEST-WRITE Better, Faster, and Easier. We have helped students raise their grades, master the subject material, and take less time to get better results.

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Institutional Services

We provide a range of College Bound services to public and private schools, PTA and PTSA organizations, homeschool organizations, and commercial business.

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